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Al Milligan

Having graduated from two separate schools in Radio & Television followed by a tour in the Military as an Electronics Technician, Al became a devoted follower of Christ in May of 1963. His curiosity to understand Moses’ writings drew him into the symbolic language of the Bible.  He has served as a dedicated student of the Scriptures, as an anointed preacher of the Gospel, and now he writes as a careful teacher of God’s mysteries.  God has rewarded his years of study, prayer, and fasting with many in-depth revelations, but specifically with the opportunity to serve His disciples via this website.

The Mystery of the Seven Thunders

The soon coming of Jesus has drawn many believers into the Book of Revelation. John’s visions are most colorful; his mysteries are extremely fascinating, and trying to interpret them boggles the mind. But the challenge was too great to resist, and like many others before me I plunged into the book thinking that I could do what none other writer had done– open the seals of John’s figurative writings.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months turned into a year or so. I studied the mysteries but could only guess at their meanings. After admitting defeat I advised new believers to study elsewhere, saying, “Studying the Book of Revelation is a waste of time.”

Then in the early 90’s I had this dream: I’m facing a wall in a house and can see the studs through the sheet-rock– like I have X-Ray Vision. But all the studs are slanted; the bottom ends are far to the right (about 45 degrees) of their top ends. Then a motion occurs at the bottom far right and all the studs suddenly stand upright.

Then I see a calendar. All seven days of the first week are in their correct positions. But the seven days of the second week are shifted one day to the right; the seven days of the third week are shifted two days to the right, and the seven days of the fourth week are shifted three days to the right. These shifts have caused the days of that calendar month to form the same angel as the studs. Then, as I had seen with the studs, a motion occurs at the bottom far right and the days of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks shift leftward into their correct positions.

Then I hear a loud voice from heaven: “The Lord will return on Friday the 13th!” I awake startled, but I know exactly what the dream means. I’m to study the Book of Revelation from the back toward the front. Then I will understand both the structure and the times of John’s visions.

This dream came around 1993 and the story continued with many hours of study and with wave after wave of symbol interpretations and applications. It wasn’t long before I realized that God hadn’t opened these Scriptures for me only, but He wanted me to share what I had received. Thirteen years later (2005) I published “The Mystery of the Seven Thunders.” (I have omitted many interesting details here, but this is all that space allows.)