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The Circle Bible Dream

About 45 years ago I dreamed about a large Bible that had circles drawn on all of its pages. There was a number within every circle. When I asked a young man about the circles, he said that you know what the scriptures mean by matching the numbers within the circles. And if you want to receive email notifications when new lessons are added, inserted or updated, signup for our newsletter here. (at bottom of the page)

Basically, the Circle Bible is a Study Method by which the scriptures interpret themselves. Part-1 has been completed and is posted. Part-2 is in progress and will be posted upon completion.

Part-0 CBSM Introduction & TOC

Part-1 CBSM Stories that reveal Doctrine

Part-2 CBSM Stories that reveal History

Part-3 CBSN Architectural Design

CBSM Library of Doctrines

CBSM Library of Prophetic History

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