Only a few years ago you could thumb a ride or leave your car unlocked at the Maul. But no more: Demented crazies are everywhere— on our highways, in our schools and now in our most sacred places— the churches. No place is absolutely safe, and violence increases with each passing day. What or who can we blame? Television? Video games? Successive generations of latchkey kids?

When did the surge in violence begin? Before World War II most mothers stayed home while most fathers worked to support the family. But the Second World War changed all that— in America and in many other countries. The men went to war and the women went to the factories. Someone had to make the war machinery. This deprived the wives of their husbands’ wise counsels, and it deprived the children of their mothers’ careful guidance.

Had the situation reverted to its pre-war status, the damage would have been minimal. But, the world lost so many men in the war (20,000,000) that many mothers couldn’t return home. Moreover, many of them liked their new roles and stayed on the assembly lines. Kids raised without their mother’s constant oversight were less skilled at being mothers, and their kids were even less skilled as mothers.

The above is probably only part of the answer but there is little doubt that it plays a major role in today’s violence.

Original Post Date: 05.14-17
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