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There’s a biblical explanation for the present, global, economic crisis in 2009. There are more than 60 commercial coalitions in the world; NAFTA and the EU (European Union) are two of the largest. These 60-plus trade unions will merge into seven coalitions by the year 2025.

These seven coalitions will form the seven heads of a beast that John saw rise from the sea (see Rev. 13:1-2). This beast “is like a leopard, has feet like a bear, and has the mouth of a lion.” It also has ten horns.

The leopard represents global finance, the bear—global government, and the mouth—a soon coming world leader, the infamous Antichrist. (Contrary to popular belief, only the mouth of this beast depicts the Antichrist.)

Some mergers have occurred to date (2009) but the rate of change is too slow to meet the 2025 deadline— only 16 years remain. This 2025 date agrees with the year set by two allegorical texts (one for Jews and the other for Gentiles) that shows the time of the Church Age to be about 2,000 years. The year 2025 (plus or minus a year or two because of calendar uncertainties) marks the beginning of the last seven years of this 2,000-year age.

The world will enter a time of unparalleled prosperity that will soon begin and then increase up to the beginning of the middle of this seven-year era. Then the global economy will collapse and will not recover, thus fulfilling the prophecy “Babylon is fallen, is fallen” (see Rev. 14:8).

This is what the scriptures show we can expect: After the global economy remains catastrophic low for a while the nations will want a fast way to recover. Because history shows that commercial trade unions create good conditions for speedy, financial prosperity, the present commercial coalitions will merge into seven— these will be the seven heads of the beast that John saw rise from the sea [nations].

“The Mystery of the Seven Thunders” explains how the seven heads will operate as one head under the WTO (World Trade Organization) to fulfill a vision in Dan. 7:20. This book also explains how the world will form an image of this seven-headed beast whose number will be the infamous 666.

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